By Erika Owen
July 23, 2015
Credit: © David Grossman / Alamy

It's not a joke: You can find a place to stay in New York City for $22. You just have to be willing to sleep in a van down by the river. An Airbnb user named Jonathan has been renting out his cars for passers-by on the cheap. While guests may not have access to running water or electricty, the host does try to place the rented vehicle in a scenic spot with public accomodations nearby. The car interiors look as comfortable as a car interior can be—Jonathan has stocked the vehicles with makeshift beds and bedding, sometimes even an entire floor covered in cushions.

Jonathan has more than 50 vehicles for travelers looking for a little adventure. Most reviews quote the "stays" as feeling safe and great for the money you spend. The catch: There are no keys included with the rental, so visitors will have to fork out a bit of money to use local transportation to get around. This is one creative way for getting around New York City's state laws against renting out your home for less than 30 days—the law doesn't say anything about cars, after all.