By Stacey Leasca
September 18, 2019

The Harry Potter series may have been released more than two decades ago, but the magic of Hogwarts is still enchanting us all. Which makes this new giveaway even more spectacular.

In April, fans of the iconic book and movie series were delighted to learn that a new hut closely resembling Hagrid’s famed home in the books had opened in Northern England. It’s appropriately named the “Grounds Keeper Cottage.” The accommodations went up for rent for about $250 a night. But now, the hut’s owners are giving Harry Potter fans a chance to rent the cottage for just $1 for an entire week.

The winner will receive a week-long stay for them and up to five of their friends (six people in total) for the week of Dec. 22 to 29.

Included in the stay is a magical Christmas hamper, a meeting with Hedwig, as well as afternoon tea with Harry Potter himself. The giveaway also includes a steam train ride at the Harry Potter Station in Goathland. All you need to do is click over to the website, pay the $1 entrance fee, and enter before Oct. 31.

Just in case you need a bit of convincing to enter, here’s a bit more about the cabin.

The delightfully charming and cozy wooden cabin sits on the edge of its own Forbidden Forest, known as North Shire. With six acres of countryside land, there’s plenty of space for you and your friends to explore.

The home also comes with plenty of Harry Potter accouterment, including a freestanding copper tub, just like Hagrid’s, as well as a massive copper kettle on the fireplace. So, make sure to bring along your favorite book from the series, pull on a blanket, light the fire, and have a group reading with your own little Hogwarts crew.