Norwegian architecture studio Vardehaugen created the unique Vindheim Cabin, a hidden modern cabin that is meant to be discovered by hikers.

Cabin Vindheim Norway Snow Retreat Design
Credit: Photo: Rasmus Norlander

The cabin is located near Lillehammer, Norway, and is designed with sloped roofs that make it look like it is buried in the snow. The region is known for its heavy snowfall, so the architects wanted to design a roof that is not only modern, but could be functional as a hill for skiing and sleddiing.

The cabin is only 55 square meters (about 592 square feet), Wallpaper reported, and uses solar power and a wood oven to keep guests charged up and toasty warm. If you’re worried about the snowed-in look of the cabin feeling claustrophobic, it also has plenty of large windows and skylights to let in the sun (and the beautiful view).

Cabin Vindheim Norway Snow Retreat Design
Credit: Photos: Einar Elton (L); Rasmus Norlander (R)

The outside of the cabin is made with a black-stained pine, which stands out against the pure white snow around it. The inside is less severe, with a light stained poplar that looks much more modern and inviting.

Cabin Vindheim Norway Snow Retreat Design
Credit: Photo: Einar Elton

According to Dwell, architect Håkon Matre Aasarød built the structure for a Norwegian couple interested in design as well as skiing and hiking, so unfortunately the cabin is not available for travelers to book, but it sounds like an amazing winter getaway.

“They enjoy the cabin and spend time there every weekend. The only issue is that they’ve had problems with sheep climbing up the roof,” Aasarød told Dwell. “However, I’m sure the sheep enjoy it.”