Unlimited tacos not included.

Taco Bell Sleepover
Credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

First it was IKEA, now it's Taco Bell: The fast food chain has teamed up with Airbnb to reward four lucky winners with a night in an Ontario Taco Bell.

They're calling it a “SteakCation.”

The setup is a bunch of home furnishings—a bunk bed, couch, side tables—plunked down in the middle of a Taco Bell. The winners will have a clear view of the ordering counter.

The entire thing seems to be a promotion for the new Steak Doubledillas, which are promised as the menu item of the night. Other things you will have at your disposal: video games, a big-screen TV with movies, and a Taco Bell Butler. (Sadly, they were lacking details about that last most intriguing detail.)

Entering is easy. You just have to answer the prompt, “Why do you want to take a SteakCation? Tell us why you think it would be awesome to spend the night at a Taco Bell.” But there are a few rules, according to the Airbnb listing:

  • If sharing salsa, no double dipping your chips.
  • Eating Steak Doubledillas in bed is not only allowed, but encouraged.
  • Making that squeaking sound with your straw and cup lid is annoying. Quit it.
  • Don’t feed the Taco Bell Butler. Wait, that’s not very nice. We’ll leave that up to you.
  • Live Más

Enter before Monday, October 11 for the chance to realize all your burrito dreams.