By Andrea Romano
January 08, 2019
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Lion House at GG Conservation
Credit: Courtesy of GG Conservation

Many travelers look for rest and relaxation, while others are just looking for a roaring good time.

And at this Airbnb in South Africa, that’s not hard to find. Literally.

According to the Daily Mail, the Lion House, an Airbnb home set right on the GG Conservation, offers guests a chance to sleep only a few feet away from over 70 lions that live in the sanctuary.

The three-bedroom house costs £84 (about $107 USD) per night, which is a pretty fair price considering not only the size of the accommodation, but also the unique chance to see a beautiful, but endangered, species up close.

In fact, the house’s host and conservation director, Suzanne Scott, told the Daily Mail that being surrounded by 360 degrees of lions can create a “surround sound” of roars.

But just in case sleeping next to some big cats makes you nervous, Suzanne Scott, the house’s host, says that the place is perfectly safe and has an electric fence for some extra security, according to the Daily Mail.

“'The lions are all in lion camps - enclosures - behind strong fencing which is all to South Africa Nature Conservation standards for captive predators,” Scott said to the Daily Mail.

And this place isn’t a simple shack, but a sweet and comfortable cottage. Guests can enjoy double beds in every room and a lovely outdoor patio with an outdoor barbeque and an excellent view of the feline residents, who have been known to come very close to the house. According to Insider, Scott said that lions can be seen as close as 10 feet away from the property.

There’s also a full kitchen, a fireplace, and even WiFi, so you don’t have to wait to post those amazing Instagram pictures.

But, she says, the close proximity is a good way of making guests feel like they’re “part of the pride.” Though, being part of the pride also means supervised escorts on and off the land.

“The reason guests have to be escorted in and out of the property is because we have to drive through a lion camp,with double security gates to get in and out,” Scott said to Insider.

And since the cottage is on the conservation land, guests can get out and see plenty of gorgeous, natural sights while taking a hike on the mountain and even spot some other animals like zebras, ostriches, wildebeests, impalas, springbok, wildcats, and many more.

The booking fees also go towards the conservation, helping support and protect the lions in the sanctuary, as well.

“It's critical we conserve and protect the lions in our care. The wild lion species has declined from 500,000 to now approximately 20,000 in the space of 50 years,” Scott said to Insider.

More information on the Lion House can be found on the booking’s page on Airbnb.