The listing was a simple mattress in a field in London.


How bad does an Airbnb have to be to get zero bookings? It turns out, the bar is extremely low.

YouTubers in the UK, Rhys Simmons and Jamie Kamaz (also known as Passion Squad) set out to create the world’s worst Airbnb mostly as a joke, but were surprised when people actually wanted to book it, according to Lonely Planet.

Inspired by the Null Stern hotel in Switzerland, which features fully outdoor accommodations, Simmons and Kamaz ended up setting a mattress, as well as sheets and pillows, under a tree in a field in North London, The Independent reported. Next to the mattress, the pair also placed a bedside table, a lamp, and a tray with water glasses to make the experience more “comfortable” for their potential guests. In order to keep costs down, everything the pair found to furnish their accommodation came for free on Facebook Marketplace.

A random mattress under a tree isn’t exactly an ideal accommodation for some people, so after it was listed on Airbnb, Simmons and Kamaz didn’t expect a lot of action. 

“This whole year we've been traveling a fair bit and have stayed in hundreds of different Airbnbs and we honestly thought we could do a better job than some of the ones we stayed in, even with a zero budget,” Kamaz told Lonely Planet. “So we looked online for some inspiration and we loved the visual aesthetic of Null Stern hotel, so that's the look we went for.”

Kamaz added that in just 24 hours, the pair had already gotten 10 requests for the “room.” It’s not clear exactly how much the room was listed for, but one potential booker seemed to be negotiating the room down to £85 (about $112 USD), so we can assume the room was more than that.

“To be truly honest , we weren't expecting anything. The purpose of it was to film it for our YouTube channel as we thought it'll be an interesting and funny challenge to take part in,” said Kamaz to Lonely Planet. “After receiving so many we thought we might have to actually host someone for real as we had no expectation to receive any messages!”

Honestly, as long as it’s not too cold and it doesn’t rain, a listing like this could be very appealing to people who are looking for a unique twist on camping.

Simmons and Kamaz documented their experience creating the “world’s worst” Airbnb on YouTube

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York city. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.