'Murder, She Wrote' Fans Can Stay at J.B. Fletcher's House

And maybe even solve a mystery over breakfast!

Blair House Inn Mendocino Village California
Photo: Richard Wong/Alamy

Grab your typewriters mystery fans, because you'll definitely want to write home about this bed and breakfast.

Fans of the 1984-1996 detective show Murder, She Wrote, starring Angela Lansbury, will probably recognize this stately Victorian home as the abode of mystery writer J.B. Fletcher.

Of course, this beautiful little place is a long way from Cabot Cove. Located in Mendocino Village, a town in Northern California, Blair House Inn was used as the exterior for Fletcher's home in Maine. The interior was shot elsewhere.

In reality, Mendocino Village is a lively but small town with lots of art galleries, theatrical productions, and a population of about 700.

Blair House Inn was built in 1888, and features architecture made of Douglas Fir and Redwood, with a picket fence and lots of flowers in the garden such as lavender, daffodils, and daisies. It's no wonder Jessica loved living here.

The house includes three different suites, including Angela's Suite (the biggest room, of course, running between $250-$275 per night), Jennifer's Room ($200-$225 per night), and Eric's Room ($200-$225 per night). Any murderous hijinks probably cost extra.

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