And it's not in South Dakota.

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Mount Rushmore House Airbnb Connecticut
Credit: Olga Viakhireva

Airbnb is a treasure trove of unique rentals, whether you're looking for a jaw-dropping view or to sleep with the sharks (really). But over Memorial Day weekend, I experienced a truly historic plot of land in a completely unexpected destination.

Most people know of Mount Rushmore — the quintessential family road trip destination for Americans young and old. But little do they know, parts of the monument were built in Stamford, Connecticut. That's quite a drive from South Dakota.

We can thank American sculptor Gutzon Borglum for creating the famed attraction. Lucky for vacationers, his Stamford studio is now home to a stunning Airbnb rental.

Mount Rushmore House Airbnb Connecticut
Credit: Olga Viakhireva

I came across this property on a hunt for a quick two-day getaway near New York City; somewhere my boyfriend and I could reach via public transportation. After a quick Metro-North ride 50 minutes from the city, I hopped in a cab for 15 minutes and found myself at a dead end road with the sounds of a nearby stream in the background.

This surely was far from our noisy Brooklyn neighborhood. Jewelry designer Olga Viakhireva warmly greeted me as soon as I stepped out of the cab — my boyfriend chose to ride his bike from the train station, as he tends to do — and showed me around. We were celebrating an anniversary, so there was a bottle of Prosecco chilled and waiting, hot tea steeping, and soft music playing in the background. This was better than any hotel room reveal I've ever experienced.

The space itself is very open. Viakhireva describes the home as a "historical Zen house," and I could not agree more. With the aforementioned stream bubbling in the background and the all-glass exterior facing the pool, it's impossible not to relax.

You can hear the water rushing while laying in bed, which is not mentioned in the Airbnb listing, but is a complete selling point for me. Also, the bathroom right off of the bedroom has a pink shower (I repeat: a pink shower). Here's proof:

The most beautiful part of the home may be the original stone wall that surrounds the back end of the pool house. The home is located on what used to be the outdoor studio of Borglum. Parts and pieces of Mount Rushmore were created at this site and later transported to their final display spot. Just knowing that you're snoozing on such historical property is a fact that will only add to your memories of the home.

Mount Rushmore House Airbnb Connecticut
Credit: Erika Owen

Now, I will say that this isn't the most kid-friendly of rentals — it's better played as a romantic weekend or a solo getaway where you're looking to return to yourself or get some major writing done. Don't worry about renting a car either. You can take public transportation almost all the way to the home (and then a cab to the address), and Uber is readily available in the area. You're about 15 minutes from restaurants, bars, and the beach.

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