By Cailey Rizzo
December 19, 2018
United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

There’s no place like home for the holidays — but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your home.

If you’re trying to escape the heartbreak of relationships past or just knock yourself out of a rut, take a hint from the holiday classic that is "The Holiday." (Yes, that one with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet that’s somehow always on TV.)

In the movie, Diaz and Winslet arrange to swap homes for the holiday season and avoid their love lives for two weeks. So Diaz goes to London and Winslet’s off to Los Angeles. And there's a website that allows you to do the same.

Love Home Swap is a global home exchange program that’s been in operation since 2011. The platform allows users to list their homes and then browse other properties owned by people who want to swap.

Unlike in the movie, you won’t necessarily have to commit to switching “home, cars, everything” for the duration of the swap. Those who sign up for the service can travel however much they want, provided they pay $240 per year for a membership fee and agree to allow the swapee to stay in their home during the exchange.

But you aren’t limited to homes in your own budget. You can rack up “swap points” to escape to a swanky home that’s way nicer than your regular pad.

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway like Winslet’s Surrey cottage, look to the English countryside. Love Home Swap has charming thatched cottage options in Wiltshire, West Sussex, and Oxfordshire. On the Los Angeles side, there are glamorous movie-worthy villas with pools and hillside views. Swap for a few nights in the Hollywood Hills, Calabasas, or Pacific Palisades.

Now, here’s hoping there are cute neighbors or relatives swinging by your home swap while you’re in town.