This Airbnb Feels Like a Real-life Hobbit House Straight Out of Middle-earth — but It's Right Here in the U.S.

Hobbit House Airbnb in Orondo, Washington
Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Middle-earth is a land of magical wizards, elves and hobbits, where battles between good and evil test the best characters. It's a world as synonymous with heroism and excitement as it is with perilous journeys (unfortunately, it's also not real — but why ruin the fun).

Luckily, you only have to travel as far as the state of Washington to experience the magic of "Lord of the Rings." Set against the backdrop of rolling green hills on six acres of property is a unique Airbnb that feels as if Frodo Baggins himself may walk in at any second.

Hobbit House Airbnb in Orondo, Washington
Courtesy of Airbnb

This real-life hobbit house is built into the hillside with greenery on top and features a large, round entrance door up-cycled from a cable spool with custom metal work and a front garden that attracts butterflies in the summer.

Inside, guests can enjoy a hot drink bar with local pour over coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as a live edge wooden chess board and a cordwood floor that took more than 1,200 individual pieces to complete.

The house, located in Orondo, Wash., about 160 miles from Seattle, features a large stone propane fireplace that heats the home in the winter, and natural insulation from the hillside that keeps it at about 55 degrees year round, according to the host.

"The wondrous views will entrance your imagination and inspire an unforgettable journey," Host Kayte wrote. "Every nook of this little habitation will warm your sole, every cranny will charm your expedition of repose. Up the pathway, tucked into the earth, an unbelievable adventure awaits!"

The house is about two miles up a mountain, and Kayte added that the "majority of your neighbors will be deer, rabbits, birds [and] grouse."

And guests can't get enough — the house is booked up for months.

"The Hobbit Inn was a lovely experience tucked away in the hillside of central Washington. This cute hobbit house offers everything you would need for an "off-grid" experience including hot baths and breath-taking views," wrote Jaclyn, who stayed in July. "We stayed for [three] nights and had the time of our lives... This experience was so wonderful and we can't wait to return in the future. The Hobbit Inn will hold a special place in our heart, it was truly a trip of a lifetime!"

Guest Sue wrote that she and her husband settled in to watch one of the "Hobbit" movies on their iPad while staying there in June.

"The outdoor scenery in the movie looked very close to our view from our own hobbit house," she wrote. "It is so peaceful and beautiful - hard to express in words… We are still on a high from our amazing experience. We have some great pictures for this year's Christmas card."

Renee, who also stayed in June, wrote it was "magical" and that the home's wooden bathtub was one of the coolest she had ever seen.

Hobbit House Airbnb in Orondo, Washington
Courtesy of Airbnb

"It was full of thoughtful touches to make you feel like you've been whisked away to hobbit life in the Shire. The view out the round door into the Columbia valley was stunning!" she wrote. "The path up to the house was lined with beautiful wildflowers in mid-June. Lupine, yarrow, cinquefoils, and more!"

Book a stay in this Hobbit house on starting at $400/night.

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