You may not be in a Lifetime movie — but you'll sure feel like it.

By Stacey Leasca
November 22, 2020
VRBO Lifetime Holiday House exterior in Greenwich, CT
Credit: Courtesy of Vrbo

Ever wish you could live inside a Christmas movie? Now may be your chance. 

Vrbo and Lifetime are teaming up to make a few holiday movie lovers’ dreams come true by renting a totally decked-out festive and “yuletide-ified” home in Connecticut inspired by Lifetime’s 2020 holiday movie lineup.

As Vrbo explained in a statement, the “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” Holiday House will be available to book starting at 1 p.m. EST Nov. 23, 2020, exclusively on Vrbo.

VRBO Lifetime Holiday House doorway entry
Credit: Courtesy of Vrbo

The home, Vrbo explains, was created with the help of master holiday decorator and star of "The Christmas Edition," Carly Hughes. Carly shared her secret formula for “made-for-TV holiday magic” and the team at Vrbo brought it all to life. According to the team, the home had to, “Resemble a house made of gingerbread and be a small-town escape, preferably within walking distance of a bakery or coffee shop.” Additionally, “Every room of the house has to be covered in Santa’s workshop amounts of holiday decorations – no fewer than five Christmas trees, 10 wreaths, and two larger-than-life nutcrackers to stand guard.” And of course, it had to have “Twinkle lights. More twinkle lights. And then even more twinkle lights.” 

VRBO Lifetime Holiday House interior with decorated table and Christmas tree
Credit: Courtesy of Vrbo

Other requirements, Vrbo said, included a roaring fire, plenty of Christmas sweaters, all the ingredients for making holiday cookings, pre-written letters to Santa, and a “childhood sweetheart nearby, jolly white-bearded neighbor, blizzard, and a corporate villain trying to take over the local candy making business.” Sadly, Vrbo and Lifetime said they can’t guarantee those last ones, adding, “well, we included as much as we could.” 

“I got to live the fantasy while shooting my first holiday movie this year, 'The Christmas Edition,'” Hughes said in a statement. “It was a feeling that I wish everyone could have the chance to experience, so I was excited when this opportunity arose to help Vrbo create a Lifetime holiday movie escape for fans. This year in particular we could all use just a little extra magic.” 

VRBO Lifetime Holiday House yard decor of polar bears
Credit: Courtesy of Vrbo

The home will be available for three-night minimum stays through Dec. 27, 2020. Pricing starts at $100 per night. Though that’s a fee you can feel good about paying as the vacation home’s rental fees go directly to charity. Check out more about the home and get ready to book here.

Stacey Leasca is a journalist, photographer, and media professor. She’s an enormous fan of Lifetime’s movie names. Her favorite is “Newlywed and Dead.” Send tips and follow her on Instagram now.