These Treehouse-like Huts in Sweden Might Be the Most Unique Vacation Rentals In the World

It's your time to be a woodland creature.

An entry to the Margareta tree hut at Kolarbyn in Central Sweden
Photo: Marcus Jonson

If you're ready to get away from it all — we mean really get away from it all — Kolabryn hotel is waiting for you.

Known as "Sweden's most primitive hotel,'' Kolabryn is an outdoor-lover's paradise. As the owners describe, the hotel is a "natural refuge for silence, wilderness, and adventure in a beautiful forest setting just a couple of hours away from the capital Stockholm."

Using the word "hotel" may be a bit of a misnomer, though really, we aren't quite sure what other word would suffice. You see, Kolabryn is made up of forest huts (think The Hobbit) carved into the landscape. If you didn't know they were there you might walk right by them. Though certainly primitive, the space is as romantic as they come.

Interior of bed at Kolarbyn tree huts
Skogens Konung

"There is no electricity, only candles and a crackling fireplace that will guide you asleep," the owners share. "And after a silent night, you slowly wake up to the birds and a refreshing swim in the lake. It is really fascinating."

The hotel was founded in the winter of 1996 by the villagers from Skinnskatteberg. The idea, the owner's explain, was to create conditions for people interested in charcoal burning and other traditional practices.

Entry to Johanna tree hut at Kolarbyn
Claudia Deglau

"The essence is to live in nature. It is just a really, really magical feeling to wake up in the morning, start the fire and hear the birds singing," the owners say. "It is just to be in this place, and that's enough for many people. They don't want to have our tours, they just want to be here."

With a stay at Kolabryn, the owners recommend you come prepared for a true glamping experience and bring along some weather-resistant clothing and footwear for hiking, warm clothing for cold nights, a camera, binoculars, a torch, a sleeping bag and a pillow, a bathing suit, towels, a water bottle, and some snacks.

A landscape of foggy and tree tops in Sweden with a blurred moose in motion across the horizon
Lars Gabrielsson

Rates begin at $99 per night and include breakfast and use of the shared sauna, sleeping bag, candles, matches, kitchen equipment, firewood, as well as the use of the community hut.

For an additional charge, guests can book guided hiking trips, horseback riding, and private use of the sauna and Hot tub, canoe rentals, and beaver or moose safaris.

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