This 'Spaceship' in Joshua Tree Is Actually the Most Adorable Airbnb in the Galaxy

Beam us up!

To say this Airbnb is out of this world would be a massive understatement.

Tucked away in Joshua Tree, California, just outside of the national park, travelers can find and book a fully-restored Futuro House that is now the "ultimate glamping experience."

For those not up on their 1960s architectural history, the Futuro House was first concocted by designer Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable ski chalet." The home resembles a small UFO thanks to its curved design and oval windows on all sides. Each one is also raised on stilts with a tiny staircase leading guests inside.

"There are only 85 in the world, 19 in the USA, and only one available you can stay a night in, and that's AREA 55 Glamping tour experience in Joshua Tree," the Airbnb hosts explains of the completely off-grid site.

Airbnb Area 55 Futuro spaceship House
Courtesy of Airbnb

And when they say off-grid, they really mean it.

"The idea is to disconnect, kick back on the queen-size daybed and enjoy, but still have those perks of having some connected amenities when needed," the owners add. But really, on an adventure like this why would you want to open up a laptop or pick up a phone?

Instead, the owners suggest playing board games, relaxing to some music with the home's Bluetooth sound system, or just make a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen and sit outside to take in the desert views.

Airbnb Area 55 Futuro spaceship House living room
Courtesy of Airbnb

The interior of the home is indeed perfect for unwinding as it comes with countertops lining the walls so guests can look out into the landscape, a cozy bed for cuddling up at night, and some seriously retro egg chairs where guests can snuggle in with a good UFO or alien-inspired book.

While the home may be off-grid it does come with freshwater for hot outdoor showers and private restrooms, along with an outdoor kitchen area with a propane grill so guests can cook under the stars at night.

Airbnb Area 55 Futuro spaceship House grill and patio
Courtesy of Airbnb

Ready to book? The owners just have one warning they want to reiterate: "Please remember this is glamping, which is camping with some limited luxury amenities." That said, a stay like this is one of the coolest in the galaxy, so going without cell service for a day or two may be well worth it.

See more and book your stay starting at $226/night here.

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