By Andrea Romano
Updated March 03, 2020
Courtesy of Airbnb

Who wants to stay in the Big House?

No, we don’t mean a house that is big, we’re talking about a literal Big House — an actual jail if you will.

On Airbnb, visitors in Wykoff, Minnesota have the option to stay at the old Historic Wykoff Jail Haus. This brick building was built in 1913, according to Road Trippers, and actually ran as a jail at one time. It became a bed & breakfast in July 2019.

As you might have guessed, the interior of the jail has been transformed into a livable, comfortable space that has a queen bed and two bunk beds. The City of Wykoff described the space as “rustic but very comfortable.” It’s definitely a great place for people who don’t need luxurious hotels to have fun.

Other cities have also transformed defunct jails into amazing accommodations. Boston’s Charles Street Jail is actually now the luxurious Liberty Hotel. Galena, Illinois also transformed one of its local jails into a bed & breakfast called the Jail Hill Inn. Internationally, prison-themed hotel Sook Station attracts customers from all over.

Despite the change to a B&B, the private stay still retains some of its history through the black-and-white striped decor and iron bars around the two bunk beds. According to the Airbnb listing, kids usually get a kick out of sleeping in the cell.

The Jail Haus is owned by the City of Wykoff, so it’s one of the fun, local attractions. It’s also very close to Forestville State Park and the Famous Jack Sprat Grocery (Ed's Museum). Visitors can hike the nearby trails, go trout fishing, explore caves, or explore the small town (only 450 residents).

While staying in the Jail Haus is certainly kitschy, it’s sadly not great for working vacations since WiFi is not available. Even though surfing the internet is off the table, former visitors have highly rated this stay with a current rating of 4.86 stars.

“If you get the opportunity to stay in this wonderful jail, don't hesitate! My partner forgot my birthday this year and I kept telling him that he was in very big trouble,” said one reviewer.

And booking a stay is not only easy thanks to Airbnb, but it’s also super affordable. At the time of writing, the booking cost was set at $85 per night.

For more information or to book your stay, visit the Historic Wykoff Jail Haus listing on Airbnb.