This Cabin Rental Company Is Expanding With 5 New Locations Across the U.S.

The new locations will be in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest.

For years, Getaway has made it a bit easier for travelers to unplug by offering mindful escapes in tiny cabins that are surrounded by nature, but also within a two-hour drive from a major city. The company has built its Outposts — a collection of tiny cabins — near cities like Chicago, New York, and Nashville. Now, they've announced plans to expand with five new locations and 224 new cabins in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest by mid-2022.

Getaway will build Outposts near New Orleans, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis, as well as a second Boston location. Although each spot is unique in its natural surroundings, inside the tiny cabins, known as Getaway Houses, guests will find everything they need, from a cozy bed and minimalist shower to a kitchenette and tools to build a campfire.

Getaway Cabin exterior on the edge of an overlook with picnic table and chairs
Courtesy of Getaway
Inside kitchen in a cabin
Courtesy of Getaway

"At Getaway, we believe that free time is a right that should be made a ritual. Our cabins offer space for people to honor their free time, disconnect from work and technology and reconnect with their loved ones and themselves," said Jon Staff, founder and CEO of Getaway, in a press release. "Now more than ever, people are seeking short, frequent escapes to nature and focusing on their mental health and well-being. We look forward to bringing the Getaway experience to more people in new cities across the country."

For those looking for an escape near New Orleans, the new Getaway Homochitto will be under two hours away. With 40 cabins near the Homochitto National Forest, guests will have access to plenty of hiking trails. For its second Boston Outpost, Getaway Machimoodus will boast 45 cabins in a region with rolling hills and dense forests.

Children laughing on bunk beds inside a cabin during winter
Courtesy of Getaway

Getaway Kettle River, located just an hour and a half from Minneapolis, is one of three new Outposts in the Midwest, and will consist of 49 cabins. Guests will have both a lake and a river to explore nearby, as well as nature trails where they can even bring snowmobiles in the winter. Also in the Midwest is Getaway Ozark Highlands, with 45 cabins sitting on a hilltop just two and a half hours from Kansas City. The third Midwest Outpost is Getaway Brown County, located under an hour from Indianapolis and also easily accessible to guests in Louisville and Cincinnati.

Small cabin in the middle of a forested meadow
Courtesy of Getaway

Getaway already has 16 Outposts with 600 cabins, so you don't have to wait to book your mindful escape. For more information and to find an Outpost near you, visit the Getaway website.

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