You Can Sleep in a Cozy Bed Under the Stars at This Luxury Joshua Tree Airbnb

Drift off to sleep under the Milky Way at the dreamiest Airbnb in the Mojave Desert.

Exterior of cabin at sunset in the desert with a fire pit
Photo: Sam Frost/Courtesy of Folly Collection

The air fell crisp as the sun went down behind the hills in Joshua Tree, California. There was no noise, save for a few howling coyotes off in the distance. It was time to tuck into bed in my Airbnb. But, rather than just a blanket, at this home, I was tucking in under a blanket of stars.

The Folly Collection home, known as the Off-grid Stargazing Cabin, sits just a short drive outside the famed Joshua Tree National Park. It consists of two small off-grid buildings, each run by solar, to ensure the entire home is as minimally invasive to its surroundings as possible. In one home, guests will find a living and dining room, small kitchen, lofted bedroom, and shower with picture window looking out onto the desert landscape. At the other building, guests can climb the ladder to find a single queen bed perched on its rooftop so they can sleep in pure luxury while surrounded by nature.

Stargazing at unique modern cabin in the desert
Nic Pacione/Folly Collection

"Malek Alqadi, the architect, was inspired by the unique landscape of Joshua Tree and utilizing architecture as an agent of cohesion between the existing and the proposed," Hillary Flur, cofounder of The Folly Collection, explained. "When we first came across the rundown 1950s homestead, Malek envisioned an indoor-outdoor experience that focuses on its surroundings. It was a conscious decision to not include any art pieces and to keep the cabin rustic and raw. We wanted our guests to be fully immersed in nature, so Malek designed large windows throughout the cabin and created a stargazing deck where people can experience the beauty of the desert's night sky." And the team certainly accomplished their mission. The home also features a large patio area with comfy loungers, a fire pit so guests can stay toasty long into the night, and a full bocce court, all with sweeping desert views.

"Folly is perfect for city dwellers looking to disconnect from their busy lives," Flur said. "It is for people who want a sustainable travel alternative while staying in a comfortable custom architectural space."

As for the best time to visit, Flur said it's really an all-seasons property.

"While there is low light pollution in the area, and you can clearly see the stars year-round, spring offers the best temperature at night and provides a comfortable environment to sleep in the outdoor loft," she said. "Joshua Tree is pretty hot during the summer, but you can clearly see the Milkyway during this time, and the annual Perseid meteor shower in mid-August is a must-see. We also have a heated mattress pad for those cold winter nights."

Folly Collection, she said, represents "an entirely unique experience where every detail, from the ecologically friendly building materials to the organic vegan-friendly soaps to the voice-activated touchscreen control system, are designed to blend the best of modern living with an active appreciation for the world around us and our place in it."

Outdoor bed and dining table in the desert
Sam Frost/Courtesy of Folly Collection

Every aspect of the home is meant to promote self-reflection and provide guests with an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life.

"During these extraordinary times, we have realized even more how important it is to disconnect and spend time in nature while being safe and secluded from the masses," Flur said. Check out the home and book a stay on Airbnb.

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