By Megan and Megan Soll
September 26, 2014

Travelers looking for accommodations can now test the waters in vacation rentals, via Expedia’s expanded listings from HomeAway. Following up on its 10,000-listing pilot program last October, it has added 115,000 properties for families and groups to choose from.

With Expedia, users will be able to book the home rental, as well as book flights and car rentals all through the same site. We cheer the fact that travelers can now seamlessly find either a hotel or rental accomodations without having to check multiple sites.

Vacation homes, which have surged in popularity in recent years, offer the benefit of more space for a lower average price, as well as added amenities (laundry, Wi-Fi, kitchen space), often with no additional fees. For families or groups, rentals can provide a larger space with the option of mutliple rooms and bathrooms under one roof. With HomeAway having properties in 190 countries, the venture opens the door to even more possibilites for Expedia users to explore.

Megan Soll is Travel + Leisure's digital intern.