Go Off the Grid at This Remote Dome Airbnb in the Texas Desert

It's rugged, remote, and totally affordable.

Terlingua, Texas Earth Home Airbnb in the desert near Big Bend National Park
Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Want to travel? Want to travel off the grid? Want to travel like you're not even on this planet anymore? We feel you, see you, and hear you, and are here to present you with a solution: An off-grid retreat unlike any other in the middle of absolute nowhere.

Traveling is complicated right now. It requires people to do a risk self-assessment as well as assess what risks they are bringing to others. But, if you're really looking to get away a socially-distant vacation may be the right fit. And that's where this remote, off-grid adobe dome in Terlingua, Texas, comes in.

Terlingua, Texas Earth Home Airbnb in the desert near Big Bend National Park
Courtesy of Airbnb
Terlingua, Texas Earth Home Airbnb in the desert near Big Bend National Park
Courtesy of Airbnb

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom dome, is powered by solar power and has a rainwater collection system. It also happens to be ideally situated near Big Bend National Park and is the perfect place to go and be one with nature. Not to mention it's built using dark sky ordinances, meaning you'll be able to look up and see every star in the galaxy.

"The Dome remains available as a refuge during these uncertain times, though we do recommend travelers to bring their own groceries to cook in, as we don't know what will be open and what won't," the owners explained on their Airbnb listing, noting guests should also check Big Bend National Park's website for current status. "Please practice the recommended social distancing measures to protect yourselves and our community."

It's important to note, while extremely cool, the dome is still roughing it.

"The dome is an earthen structure, with a cob (adobe) barrier to provide shelter from the desert elements such as heat, cold, winds, and rain," the owners explained. But, it does get rather warm in the summer and only has a composting toilet, which sits in an outhouse next door. Oh, and then there's this disclaimer: "Bugs and other desert creatures tend to culminate in the Summer months. Don't be surprised if you encounter a scorpion or black widow spider and don't be frightened either as they are relatively harmless and non-threatening."

But again, it cannot be stressed just how cool this dome really is, and how much social distance it provides between you and any other humans. And frankly, feeling like you can escape this planet right now may be worth coming face-to-face with a scorpion. You can share a drink and look up at the stars together.

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