It could be yours for $1,200 a month.

By Stacey Leasca
April 14, 2017
Credit: © Andrew Stewart /

If you’re a nursery rhyme-loving old woman who always wanted to live in a shoe (or a cowboy chasing the American Dream), you’re in luck: A new boot-shaped house just popped up in Walker County, Texas, and it's itching for a resident.

Credit: © Andrew Stewart /

“Unique, whimsical, artistic and extraordinary are among words to describe The Cowboy Boot House,” reads the home’s rental description. Designed and built by renowned artist Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion, the two bedroom, one bathroom home also boasts handcrafted custom features including mosaic granite flooring, high ceilings (it is a boot, after all), a covered porch, and a “magnificent” spiral staircase leading to a stunning rooftop deck.

"A life without whimsy is certainly a non-life," Phillips said in the Zillow video featuring his unique works.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Phillips incorporates recycled materials in all of his work. The raw materials, including old picture frames and broken CDs, help to inform his design decisions. For each project, Phillips also hires a new set of workers who may or may not have construction experience, allowing them to learn a new skill from a master craftsman.

In total, the $1,200-a-month boot and connecting bungalow measure in at 711 square feet of living space. The owners are hoping to rent the space to a working artist who will feel inspired by the home’s design.

Credit: © Andrew Stewart /

While the boot-shaped house would be reason enough to move, The Houston Chronicle reports that a neighboring cowboy hat-shaped home is planned for the near future.

Credit: © Andrew Stewart /