The Coolest Basements You Can Rent on Airbnb Right Now

Just because they're subterranean doesn't mean these fabulous Airbnbs are subpar.

Exterior of Manhattan Brownstone that has basement rental
Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

We here at Travel + Leisure have written a great deal about some of the coolest Airbnb experiences you can have around the world. From wine barrels to treehouses, remote escapes to city-dwelling dreams, we’ve covered it all. Well, almost all. You see, we’ve completely neglected to inform you that there are some seriously cool basements on Airbnb, too.

Groundworks, a foundation services company, sent over a note hoping to rectify our mistake by sharing its top choices for the ultimate Airbnb basements.

“Our top picks use creative designs and excellent use of space to transform an often-ignored part of the house into something remarkable,” the company wrote in a blog. Check out a selection of its picks below.

Studio wine cellar — Philadelphia

Wine cellar basement in Philadelphia
Courtesy of Airbnb

This gorgeous studio apartment in the heart of the city is actually a converted old wine cellar in a house built more than 200 years ago. The brick-lined walls will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time, and the cozy bed tucked in the corner will ensure you can sleep in as long as you like. Rent it now starting at $122/night.

Central Park escape — New York City

Basement rental near Central Park in Manhattan
Courtesy of Airbnb

Don’t let the term “basement apartment” fool you. This charming space in Manhattan is bright and friendly. It comes with its own indoor hammock, as well as every amenity one would need for a Big Apple escape, including a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and baths. Rent it now starting at $410/night.

Greenville's adventure shack — Greenville, South Carolina

Basement rental interior with surf theme in South Carolina
Courtesy of Airbnb

This adorable ground-level rental comes with two queen bedrooms and one bath, making it a perfect couple’s escape. The renovated basement is super comfortable thanks to its oversized couch, entertainment area, and walkout covered porch too. Rent it now starting at $96/night.

17th-century canal house — Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canalhouse basement rental interior
Courtesy of Airbnb

The U.S. doesn’t have a monopoly on cool basement dwellings. This 17th-century canal house basement rental comes with plenty of charm thanks to its exposed beams and brick. The stylish home comes with a single bedroom and sitting area. It’s so well-appointed that it often rents out for photoshoots. Rent it now starting at $61/night.

Roman garden suite — New Orleans

New Orleans garden suite rental interior
Courtesy of Airbnb

This adorable garden suite sits in the middle of all the action in New Orleans. The home comes with two full bedrooms and its own sitting area, making it a great escape for friends or small families. Though, tall people should be warned that there are sections of the ceiling that only hit 6’2’’. Rent it now starting at $89/night.

Want more? Check out Groundworks' entire list of cool basement rentals here.

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