Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Is on Airbnb to Celebrate HBO Revival of 'Sex and the City'

"And just like that," you can book Carrie Bradshaw's apartment on Airbnb.

With all the available Airbnbs in Manhattan, we couldn't help but wonder if the perfect option existed.

Well, for 'Sex and the City' fans, the listing has been found.

In honor of the upcoming release of "Sex and the City" revival entitled "And Just Like That," Sarah Jessica Parker is hosting two lucky fans in an Airbnb inspired by the home of her legendary character Carrie Bradshaw — for $23.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the bed in the Sex And The City Airbnb
Tara Rice/Courtesy of Airbnb

The Airbnb is a replica of Bradshaw's Upper East Side apartment, complete with an epic closet stocked with designer clothes, vintage gems, shoes, purses, and more for a glamorous photoshoot (or perhaps a reenactment of the famed fashion montage scene from "Sex and the City" the movie) included in the package.

The Closet in the Sex and the City Airbnb
Kate Glicksberg/Courtesy of Aribnb

"The Carrie Bradshaw character is near and dear to my heart, and revisiting her world for the continuation of the 'Sex and the City' story has been such a joy," Parker, who helped design the uncanny accommodations, said in a press release Wednesday. "I'm excited for our audience to experience Carrie's New York like never before and walk in her shoes, quite literally, for the first time."

The extremely reasonable price — especially for a New York City rental, even in Bradshaw's days — is meant to acknowledge the 23 years that have passed since Parker first played the character in the iconic series.

Booking for Carrie Bradshaw's apartment opens at noon ET on Nov. 8 and is only open to U.S. residents. Two one-night stays for up to two guests are available, one on Nov. 12 and another Nov. 13 — just before the new HBO Max series makes its debut in December.

The desk in the Sex and the City Airbnb
Kate Glicksberg/Courtesy of Airbnb
The lounge area in the Sex And The City Airbnb
Kate Glicksberg/Courtesy of Aribnb

Guests will need to pay their own way to New York, but the package includes a virtual welcome from Parker, Bradshaw's signature Cosmopolitan cocktail for a toast, brunch in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood — where the Airbnb is located — and a photoshoot to commemorate their "SATC" moment.

While the space won't look quite like you remember — it has been 23 years after all — the sleeping area and desk are sure to feel familiar. There's even a cordless landline phone and recognizeable chair that doubles as a nightstand.

Parker won't be there to host you herself, but there will be an onsite concierge to make sure you have everything you need during your overnight stay in a picture-perfect New York brownstone just like the one Bradshaw called home.

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