This Bubble House in Puerto Rico Has Mountain Views by Day and Amazing Stargazing by Night

It even has a private pool.

Vacation bubbles are the new craze around the world, but this Airbnb listing in Puerto Rico is taking the term to a whole new level.

Located just outside of the city of Ponce, travelers will find the Bubble Puerto Rico property, which touts itself as an "ecological, magical stay." And really, just by looking at the photos, everyone can see that this description holds up.

Stairway at night leading to bed and pool outside
Courtesy of Airbnb

The property is exactly as the name implies. It comes with a clear, dome bubble bedroom where guests may sleep under the stars, watch the birds fly above,and wake up with the sun in the morning. As for a bathroom, that's entirely outside too. Don't worry, the shower and toilet allow for privacy from other humans but you may have to be willing to show any nearby animals your birthday suit.

"Imagine sleeping in a bubble room, bathing in hot water outdoors surrounded by nature, taking a dip in the river, enjoying the private pool with hot water at night enjoying the moon, the stars and during the day taking the sun overlooking the river," the owners wrote on the Airbnb listing. "Definitely the place and experience you are really looking forward to!"

Tropical setting with a bed in a large plastic dome on a deck outside
Courtesy of Airbnb

The bubble room comes with a queen bed and privacy curtains as well as air conditioning to keep guests comfortable in the island's heat and humidity. It also comes with charging ports to ensure all devices remain charged. The bubble is equipped with a silent compressor to filter in the air throughout the day so it always remains fresh too. The bubble also comes with an open-air kitchen with basic utensils so guests can make a small meal.

The bubble accommodation also has an incredible view of the river and mountains around it. And, as the owner's note, the river that "runs alongside our property is clean. You can dive and bathe in some ponds that the river itself provides." At the river and even at the home, the owners note, "you will be able to observe incredible animal species, lizards, butterflies, birds, sometimes Puerto Rican parrots are heard. Around you can see exotic flowers, several bushes of bananas, some fruit trees." Just be careful when picking your dates, because odds are you'll never want to leave. Book it now on Airbnb starting at $231/night.

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