Get Away From Everything — and Everyone — in These Secluded, Minimalist Cabins

Beautiful Scandinavian design tucked away in Norway's rugged scenery.

Birdbox Cabin
Photo: Courtesy of Livit

The world may still be mostly on lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start daydreaming about what a socially distanced vacation may look like in the future. And these secluded treehouses may be the ideal solution.

Birdbox Mountain Cabin
Courtesy of Livit

Tucked away in the Norweigan wilderness, future travelers will find two Birdbox tiny homes. The homes — one located in Fauske and the other in Langeland — are ideal for those who want to get away from it all. And that includes getting away from other people.

“Relax, rejuvenate and unplug in this Birdbox at Fauske, Førde,” the team behind Birdbox wrote about its rental listing. “Feel close to nature in ultimate comfort. Enjoy the view of the epic mountain range of Blegja and the Førdefjord. Feel the true Norwegian countryside calmness of birds chirping, rivers flowing and trees in the wind. Explore the countryside area, walk down to the fjord and take a swim, hike the surrounding mountains, relax with a good book & meditate. Enjoy the unique Birdbox experience.”

The cube-shaped rental is the perfect spot for two people to isolate together in the middle of nothing. All there is to do is enjoy nature while looking out the massive windows, read a book outside, or just pour a nice cup of coffee, tea, or wine and relax on the oversized bed. (Have a third guest? The listing says it’s actually a bed big enough for three.)

Birdbox Snow Cabin
Courtesy of Livit

Want something slightly bigger? Try the Langeland property.

“Enjoy the relaxed and comfortable enclosure of the Birdbox at Langeland, Førde,” the listing reads. “Sleep right beside nature and its amazing surroundings. Lay down and look at the spectacular mountains all around you. Put on your skis and have a breathtaking journey around the nearby trails. Hike down to Langelandsvatnet in the summer and enjoy swimming in energizing water. Your imagination is the limit for what you can experience.”

This home too is an excellent place for a couple to get away but comes with just enough space for two additional chairs so you can lay in bed or sit up together all night.

Don’t worry, both properties come with bathrooms, though the one with the Langeland property is more like a chic outhouse, but again, you’re in nature, so nobody is judging you.

Ready to book? Check out the Langeland’s listing on Airbnb here as well as the fjord property right now.

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