This Site Has Some of the Most Beautiful Vacation Rentals on the Internet — Here Are Its 10 Most Popular Homes (Video)

Welcome to your most instagrammable vacation.

If you’re looking for travel lodging that isn’t a home someone is renting out — but also isn’t quite a hotel — you’ll want to check out Sonder. The next-gen hospitality company is growing rapidly thanks to its unique approach to hospitality: It offers apartments, lofts, and hotel rooms with stylish interior designs, largely digital check-in and concierge systems, and unlimited stay limits, all for affordable prices.

Sonder has tons of properties for travelers around the world in a number of major cities, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Rome, and London (amongst many others). Each is decorated in a comparable, yet still unique, style. An apartment in New York and a hotel room in Rome will be decorated to match the feel of the neighborhood they’re in, but they’ll each have a similarly modern feel as well.

In addition to the totally Instagrammable interiors, booking a Sonder property ensures your trip will benefit from the round-the-clock support offered by the team (in other words, if something goes wrong at 3 a.m., they’ve got you covered), hotel amenities, and, in many properties, full kitchens. Sonder also works to renovate whole buildings and hotels, so many properties will be situated inside buildings made entirely of other Sonder residences — which adds an extra layer of safety.

Sonder Split Tout
Courtesy of Sonder

So, now there’s just the question of where to go for your Sonder experience. There are properties in over 25 cities around the world, but the most popular residences are, unsurprisingly, in five of the most major cities it operates in: New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and London. These are the most loved and booked Sonder locations, so you can be sure that if you stay in one of these properties, you’ll have a great experience.

Here are the most popular Sonder properties around the world:

20 Broad Street — New York, NY

20 Broad St
Courtesy of Sonder

Situated right by the New York Stock Exchange — like, literally next door to it — this property at 20 Broad Street puts you right in the middle of NYC’s Financial District. It’s a one-bedroom with a fully-equipped kitchen, breakfast nook, and a washer/dryer in-unit (very rare for New York City). You’ll also have access to a coworking space and a game room in the building, which is great for socializing with your fellow Sonderers.

To book:, $177/night

1 Platt Street — New York, NY

One Platt St
Courtesy of Sonder

This Sonder at 1 Platt Street in NYC’s Financial District is a studio, but it’s large enough to also fit a small couch, large television, full-sized kitchen, and king-sized bed. A good amount of space — but if that’s not enough for you, fret not, because the building has a fitness center, communal laundry room, and a rooftop lounge as well. It’s also right by a number of subway lines, so you easily hop on any train you want and conquer the city in no time.

To book:, $154/night

808 South Michigan Avenue — Chicago, IL

808 South Michigan Ave
Courtesy of Sonder

This one-bedroom apartment at 808 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood has one of the best views of Lake Michigan thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows in its massive living room. A full-sized kitchen complete with an island and in-suite laundry complete this property — and as if that wasn’t enough, the building it’s in also has a pool. With these amenities, who needs to even go outside?

To book:, $161/night

417 South Dearborn Avenue — Chicago, IL

417 South Dearborn Ave
Courtesy of Sonder

This four-bedroom apartment at 417 South Dearborn Avenue in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood has a total of three bathrooms and can host a party of up to eight people — so, yeah, it’s big. With a fully-equipped kitchen, in-unit laundry, and even a dishwasher, this place will feel just like home… you know, if home was decorated by very stylish professionals.

To book:, $253/night

200 Brookline Avenue — Boston, MA

200 Brookline Ave
Courtesy of Sonder

This one-bedroom Sonder at 200 Brookline Avenue in Boston gets a lot of light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows in every room — and that’s not even the best part of it. The queen-sized comfort foam mattress in its bedroom, the large television in its living room, and its modern kitchen appliances are. In case that’s not enough, the building it’s in also boasts multiple lounges, a gym, a yoga studio, and a communal game room.

To book:, $272/night

6 Hamilton Place — Boston, MA

6 Hamilton Pl
Courtesy of Sonder

This four-bedroom Sonder at 6 Hamilton Place in Boston looks like the set of a comedy about 20-something friends living in the “big city” who are just trying to have it all. Which is to say, it’s gorgeous, and unlike every normal 20-something’s actual apartments. With exposed brick walls in every room that are complemented by rustic-style furniture, a fully-equipped kitchen, a washer/dryer, and two bathrooms, this Sonder is truly on another level. Note: It’s only available for stays of 30+ days — but if you’re spending an extended amount of time in Boston, it’s perfect.

To book:, $282/night

1530 Chestnut Street — Philadelphia, PA

1530 Chestnu tSt
Courtesy of Sonder

Literally steps outside of everything Philadelphia has to offer, this two-bedroom Sonder at 1530 Chestnut Street looks like something out of a catalogue — but, you know, in real life. It’s beautifully decorated with modern furniture, unique wallpaper, and gorgeous linens, and, like the other Sonders, it boasts laundry in-unit and a sizable kitchen.

To book:, $139/night

1600 Callowhill Street — Philadelphia, PA

1600 Callowhill St
Courtesy of Sonder

With its massive windows and grand canopy bed, this one-bedroom Sonder at 1600 Callowhill Street in Philadelphia is ridiculously Instagrammable. The building it’s situated in has a fitness room, roofdeck, and an outdoor grill, so it’s a great place for socializing with others — as well as holding an awesome barbecue with all your new friends.

To book:, $122/night

14 Great Peter Street — London, UK

14 Great Peter St
Courtesy of Sonder

This one-bedroom at 14 Great Peter Street in London has a private terrace, which is fairly unique — most London lodging options are as big as New York City closets, and they definitely don’t have outdoor spaces. A massive kitchen, marble bathroom, and dining area make this space extra-special, and the comfort foam mattress in the bedroom makes it extra comfortable.

To book:, £189/night

254 Edgware Road — London, UK

254 Edgeware Rd
Courtesy of Sonder

Though this one-room Sonder at 254 Edgware Road in West London doesn’t have a kitchen like other properties, it does have a few key things that many London flats don’t: an air conditioner, a large bed, and a fully updated bathroom. The property is actually situated in a hotel, so you’ll get to feel like you’re staying in a super quirky, super fancy boutique hotel — without paying the prices you’d have to pay otherwise.

To book:, £95/night

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