9 Fairytale Castles You Can Rent on Airbnb

San Fabiano Castle in Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany, Italy
Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

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Ever dream of living in a castle in the Italian countryside? A château in Loire Valley? A manor in Germany? This may be your chance — we've rounded up nine of the best Airbnb castles so you can plan the ultimate fairytale escape.

Sure, some of us prefer to just find a place to kick off our shoes at the end of the day. We don't need a ton of fancy amenities or even a huge room to lay around in while we're off exploring our destinations. However, there are also those of us who revel in a luxurious hotel stay with a huge, king-size bed, deep soaking tub, or tons of hotel perks.

You'll be happy to know that there are tons of beautiful, real-life castles on Airbnb that are waiting for you to rent, often for a comparable or lower price than grabbing a hotel in expensive cities like Paris, Rome, or Berlin. Some of these properties offer a single room within the castle while others offer the entire fortress all to yourselves.

So, if you've always wanted to play out your King Arthur or Lord of the Rings fantasies, there's no better place to do it. Plus, these properties can be found in some wonderful, tourist-friendly areas with tons of gorgeous views, quaint villages, and fun things to do, so you'll never feel like a prince or princess in a tower.

These nine properties, from Tuscany to Bavaria, bring affordable luxury to a whole new level. Not only are they big enough for the entire family, but some of the over-the-top accommodations will only cost you and your travel companions the price of an average hotel room.

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Granaio Castle

Granaio Castle in Monselice, Provincia di Padua, Italy
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Monselice, Provincia di Padua, Italy

To book: airbnb.com

One of the best parts of staying in this 19th-century manor house? You get it all to yourself for a moderate price. Help yourself to the heated pool, natural wines, a nearby hot spring, lots of luxurious amenities, and beautiful grounds to walk around in.

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Scottish Highland Castle

Scottish Highland Castle in Ballintuim, Scotland
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Ballintuim, Scotland

To book: airbnb.com

For the price of a hotel room, you can get your own private apartment inside this ancient castle that pretty much every Outlander fan dreams about. It's a beautiful but modest (for a castle) space that's close to local towns and things to do, so you're guaranteed a good cultural experience.

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Upton Castle Bed & Breakfast

Upton Castle Bed & Breakfast in Cosheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Cosheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales

To book: airbnb.com

This 13th-century castle is also a bed and breakfast, so you'll get a private room and share common spaces. But hey, it's well worth it for all this beauty and history. The castle itself is within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which has lots of wonderful historical sites and amazing beaches to visit.

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Castle in the Loire Valley

Interior of Castel in the Loire Valley in Saint-Georges-sur-Cher, France
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Saint-Georges-sur-Cher, France

To book: airbnb.com

Loire Valley is well known for having lots of lavender fields and wineries, so staying at this beautiful castle (that you get all to yourself) is a no brainer. It's a little pricier than others on this list, but it's also fit for 16 guests, so you can split the cost with travel companions.

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Santa Marta de Portuzelo Castle

Santa Marta de Portuzelo Castle in Santa Marta de Portuzelo, Portugal
Paulo Mainha/Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Santa Marta de Portuzelo, Portugal

To book: airbnb.com

If you're in the market for a historic, romantic palace for you and your friends to spread out in, this place comfortably sleeps over 16 guests. And just because you're in a castle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a city destination — this lovely estate is only 40 minutes from Porto.

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San Fabiano Castle

San Fabiano Castle in Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany, Italy
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Siena, Tuscany, Italy

To book: airbnb.com

This charming castle bed and breakfast in Tuscany offers you a private room for an affordable rate, and not only do you get a comfortable stay, there's also a modern bathroom, outdoor terraces, and a pool. Plus, you're smack dab in the heart of Italy.

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Manor by the Moated Castle

Manor by the Moated Castle in Unsleben, Bavaria, Germany
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Unsleben, Bavaria, Germany

To book: airbnb.com

Bavaria has some of the most beautiful and iconic castles in the world, so why not go stay near one? This budget-friendly stay isn't technically within the castle itself, but in the estate's manor house, which is equally as charming and comfortable. While you're there, you can explore the Bavarian countryside and have bragging rights for staying near a castle with an actual moat.

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Scargill Castle

Scargill Castle in United Kingdom
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Scargill, County Durham, United Kingdom

To book: airbnb.com

This lovely, ancient (though a bit small) castle is in quite a rural place, but it's also close to Yorkshire Dales, Lake District National Park, and the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Plus, you can book the whole castle for an affordable price.

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Cregg Castle

Horses at Cregg Castle in Corrandulla, County Galway, Ireland
Courtesy of Airbnb

Where: Corrandulla, County Galway, Ireland

To book: airbnb.com

Yes, you get a private room and not the whole castle for this low price. But that room is incredibly huge. We're talking two double beds and a single bed, comfortably sleeping five people. This place is for anyone who wants an authentic castle experience, since it's not too close to things and the best activities include exploring the grounds and nature that surrounds it.

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