Airbnb Hosts Share Horror Stories
Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

Renting out your home can be a great way to earn some extra cash. But guests can be good or bad. Sometimes very good—and somtimes very bad.

On Reddit, hosts are sharing their “most memorable experience with a tenant.” Stories range from the perplexing to heartwarming to the disastrous.

User prouge shared that she and her new husband accidentally booked their home on their wedding night and agreed to let the people stay: “We hear them come in, and they're clearly drunk people ‘trying to be quiet.’ In the morning I get up to go to the bathroom,” she wrote. “There are not only two naked people on my couch, but not the people we booked...When we get to the room, there is a third person in there too. A total of five people, 3 we've never seen before.”

“My husband is pretty firm and says they need to clean and get out, and that it's pretty rude,” prouge added. “‘It was my wedding night and a lot of sex was had in this apartment, but not by me!’”

Another poster shared that his brother’s house had been used for a wedding—without notice.

“When he came home he noticed a lot of things just seemed off with his house—furniture not exactly in the same place, paintings on the wall were crooked, carpet really dirty for just two people, and his back yard was wrecked,” wrote Ic2ofblue. “A few days later he runs into his next door neighbor who starts asking him about the wedding. My brother had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and comes to find out the couple who he rented his place out to threw a full on wedding at his house.”

But for every horror story, another host shared an experience that will put your faith back in humanity.

“I rented out my apartment and the heater broke down in the middle of winter,” wrote mrmdc. “My guest calls me to tell me and I immediately call someone to go fix it.”

“When the guests leave and I come back home, I see that all the windows and doors now have sealant around them and the frames have been caulked so there are fewer drafts. Apparently, my guest spoke the local language better than I do and told the repairman to fix a bunch of other shit in my apartment while he was there. It didn't cost me anything extra and she still left me a 5 star review.”