Here's why that's important.
Airbnb app, reviews
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Airbnb is making a change to its online review system following a ruling last month from a U.K. regulator.

Effective August 31, Airbnb guests can leave reviews for properties they leave before their booked stay is over, according to a report from The Guardian.

Previously, when guests canceled a stay, it would only show up on the listing’s site as “canceled.”

Guests could receive a refund for their unused days — but they could not explain via review the circumstances that caused them to leave early. When dealing with an uncooperative host or a misrepresented home, a review could be helpful information for future customers.

“We were concerned that, if someone cut short their stay, it was too hard for them to leave a review under Airbnb’s existing reviews system,” Gordon Ashworth, project director for the Competition and Markets Authority, said in a statement, “and so we are pleased that Airbnb engaged constructively with us and committed to making the necessary changes.”

Current regulations allow Airbnb users to leave a review within 14 days of leaving their accommodation.

“Ensuring that all of our hosts and guests can leave a review, regardless of whether the reservation was completed in full or not, will continue to strengthen our mutual review system,” an Airbnb spokesperson said in a statement.