A 9-year-old Worked to Build His Dream Tree House — and You Can Rent It on Airbnb

This ain't your average tree house.

When it comes to unique Airbnb rentals we thought we'd seen and highlighted it all. From sleeping in wine barrels to huts in the Italian alps, we simply love the unique and wonderful places people rent out around the globe. But, this new tree house in Murphy, North Carolina may take the cake thanks to its unique host.

You see, the listing may be run by Rachel, but the tree house is hosted and operated by her nine-year-old son, Eli, who adores creating a one-of-a-kind stay for all of his guests.

Eli's Treehouse sign and interior
Courtesy of Airbnb

"Inspired by Tree house Master's my son began planning, investing with his own money into his tree house," Rachel shares on the listing. "The project began as a piece of plywood in the trees to shoot nerf guns from. Then, he decided he'd build it top-notch with his own funds and three years' worth of birthday gifts of 2x4's to put this house on Airbnb so he could use his profits for charity. Enjoy the rustic, classy & up to date amenities tucked in the woods."

According to Rachel, her son also sold small crafts — from little firecrackers to glitter bombs — from a table at a local store to raise the money for his tree house, and now, his vision has fully come to life.

Exterior of Eli's Treehouse in North Carolina
Courtesy of Airbnb

A 9-year-old Worked to Build His Dream Tree House — and You Can Rent It on Airbnb

Ready to have a sleepover at Eli's place? Book a stay at his magical retreat starting at $150/night right now.

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