By Andrea Romano
Updated March 02, 2020
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430 year old home in India, available on Airbnb
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

There’s nothing better than an Airbnb with lots of character.

And the Georgina Room at the Figueiredo Old Heritage Palace has over 430 years worth of character to enjoy. This historic Indo-Portuguese mansion in Goa, India, predates the Taj Mahal and is actually rentable on Airbnb.

430 year old home in India, available on Airbnb
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

Not only is the structure of the building from 1590, but the mansion is also filled with beautiful antique furniture and sits on a plot of land filled with paddy fields and coconut trees. However, it has received a few updates to bring the palace to the 21st century. The Georgina Room sleeps a maximum of two people (two single beds), and the room is outfitted with a cupboard, a study area, a modern en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, and WiFi — just in case you need to get some work done. Staying here looks like you’re being transported into another time (without having to give up your internet access).

It’s important to note that this Airbnb rental is for one room inside the mansion, so the home’s owners will still be living in the house. You will, however, have complete privacy in your room and bathroom as well as access to common areas like the living room, the library, garden courtyard, balconies, sun deck, and so on.

The mansion itself also works as a museum, so you can take a tour completely free and explore some gorgeous and intriguing Goan artifacts that have been in the owner’s family for centuries. In addition, guests are also served a continental breakfast.

And if you want to get out for the day, Goa is famous for having beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine, and lots of bazaars, flea markets, and retailers for shopping for souvenirs. 

In addition to the home’s history, character, and luxurious amenities, booking is only $97 per night.  

For more information, visit the Figueiredo Old Heritage Palace listing on Airbnb.