New Year’s Resolutions For the Avid Traveler
“This will be the year I pack workout clothes—and use them. I must figure out how to maintain the exercise routine, even when I'm away. Especially when I'm away. Seeking all tips and suggestions from anyone who has figured it out, but I know that keeping up with workouts when traveling makes a huge difference for your health.” —Corina Quinn, Digital Travel Editor
| Credit: Fredrik Broden

Hotels are partnering with popular local gyms and studios to offer guests new ways to stay fit. We’ve picked some of the top workouts and where to try them.


What it is: Ballet meets Pilates meets strength training—no dance skills required.

Why we like it: Nothing gets your quads fired up like doing a couple hundred pliés in quick succession.

Where to try it: California’s Hotel La Jolla, which partners with nearby studio Barre3.

Aerial Yoga

What it is: A Cirque du Soleil–inspired twist on yoga, with silk hammocks in place of mats.

Why we like it: With the help of gravity, you can get deeper stretches.

Where to try it: The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess offers classes on site.

Studio Spin

What it is: High-intensity cycling classes with breaks for upper-arm conditioning.

Why we like it: Great playlists and a strong communal vibe.

Where to try it: The rooftop of New York City’s Refinery Hotel.

Lithe Method

What it is: A blend of cardio and weights that takes cues from competitive cheerleading.

Why we like it: You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single hour.

Where to try it: The Stratus Rooftop Lounge at the Hotel Monaco Philadelphia.


What it is: A military-style mix of squats, weights, and sprints.

Why we like it: Practitioners swear it’s the fastest way to get fit.

Where to try it: Balance Gym’s Foggy Bottom studio, inside the Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown.