For the high roller looking to spend thousands of dollars a night on a hotel room, this downright opulent villa, featuring everything from gold-leafed ceilings and a screening room (equipped with 3D technology and massage chairs, of course) is the reservation to book.

By Melanie Lieberman
July 30, 2015
© Roger Davies 2012
| Credit: © Roger Davies

The Digs: The Titus Villa, a Laurel Collection Suite at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada

Size: 11,200 square feet

Price: $25,000 a night

The Skinny: We think Rome’s renowned Emperor Titus would be more than comfortable in this lavish space, tucked inside the well-guarded Octavius Tower. The three-bedroom suite boasts a Billiards room and bar with Venetian cut mirrors and antiqued gofrage leather, a media room with a 103-inch 3D plasma screen, massage chairs, and silk-upholstered walls. Dinner party guests can gather around the majestic, custom dining table and marvel at the hand-painted wall mural, or lounge amongst the living room's grand piano and twin fireplaces. Peekaboo gardens spill out to the expansive Garden of the Gods: an oasis with a 390-square-foot pool, a water feature with built-in fire pit, travertine patios, and an outdoor screen for starlit films. Only the bathroom could be more regal. Here, guests will find 24-karat hardware with semi-precious stones, a pink onyx bathtub, and mosaic marble inset floors.

© Roger Davies 2012
| Credit: © Roger Davies
© Roger Davies 2012
| Credit: © Roger Davies

The Backstory: Until recently, the Titus Villa was part of nearly 2,000 secret luxury accommodations kept guarded from Sin City’s plebeians. Reservations still cannot be booked online.

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