Bigger isn't always better.

Caravan Tiny Houses

In the last few years, the omnipresent tiny house movement has been making waves in the accommodations industry from coast to coast. And it's no wonder: tiny house hotels—springing up in places like Oregon and Colorado—place their focus on sustainability and the simple beauty of their surroundings.

These offerings, built by enterprising hoteliers, entrepreneurs, and even students, prove that a small footprint doesn't mean forfeiting a luxurious, restful experience.

Caravan in Portland, Oregon

As the first tiny house hotel to make national headlines, Caravan is naturally popular with the alternative set that flock to Portlandia. Six tiny houses, which range from 120 to 170 square feet, form a small community for guests, with shared outdoor seating spaces and campfires. From $145 per night.

Getaway near Boston, Massachusetts

Getaway Tiny Houses

Founded in coordination with the Harvard Innovation Lab and Millennial Housing Lab, Getaway offers three 160-square-foot cabins in the woods within a few hours of Boston. This is not your typical log cabin; each house is slick and contemporary, and outfitted with cutting-edge home technology like solar power and composting toilets. And good news: the franchise is expanding into New York City in the summer of 2016. From $99 per night. Most tiny houses are booked several months in advance.

WeeCasa in Lyons, Colorado

If you're looking for options, WeeCasa is the tiny home hotel you want. It currently offers reservations for 21 different structures, designed by seven separate firms based across the country. The tiny houses range in both size and style. None have TV, so a stay there is a good chance to unplug and explore the surrounding Rocky Mountains. From $139 per night.

Understory in Thomas, West Virginia

If you're willing to wait, West Virginia's Understory, whose grand opening is scheduled for later this year, boasts gorgeous forested surroundings and a setting rural enough to offer a true escape. If all goes according to plan, visitors will be able to rent one of six tiny houses, some of which will have enough space to accommodate four people. There will also be a communal area with a tree house and hammock lounge (!!). Room pricing information is not yet available.