Shangri-La Bosphorus, Lobby
Credit: Shangri-La Bosphorus

Hotels around the world are getting more expensive. According a recent report by the behemoth booking site, the average price for a room rose about three percent globally from 2013 to 2014, fifth consecutve year of rising rates. Here in the States, the average room was five percent higher than the previous year (though we still haven’t reached the highs of 2007). But for travelers looking for deals, it’s not all bad news: some destinations saw significant drops on room rates—even at luxury hotels:

  • Asia offers some of the biggest savings: bucking the global trend, hotel room rates across the region dropped by two percent overall from 2013 to 2014. Bangkok, in particular, saw steep declines in the cost of a luxury hotel room: a five-star room was $187, down by 11 percent.
  • Other Asian cities that offer good value on luxury hotels: Delhi, where the average room was $177 a night, and Beijing, which had rooms for $210 a night.
  • In Europe, where a falling euro is making things even more affordable for American travelers, found good five-star room rates in Berlin ($211 a night), Brussels ($202), Budapest ($208), Istanbul ($207), Lisbon ($209), and Prague ($216). But the lowest luxury rooms in Europe are in Warsaw, where they go for just $107 a night.

It was harder to find great deals in the United States. Five-star rooms in San Francisco jumped by a full 21 percent to an average to $447 a night. In Seattle they rose 15 percent to $347. In Boston they increased 12 percent, reaching $574 a night. The bright spot for the U.S. was Las Vegas. Although rates there rose, the average price of a luxury room was still just $254 a night.

Amy Farley is the News Editor of Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @afarles.