This London Hotel — Home to the World's Best Bar — Opened a Brand-new Wine Lounge

Come for the extensive wine list, stay for the female-centric artwork.

The Connaught, London's beloved 19th-century hotel, has long been a favorite spot for discerning travelers and cocktail lovers alike. Not only is the hotel home to some rather elegant suites, but it's also a culinary delight, thanks to its world-class restaurants and award-winning bars. Perhaps the most noteworthy hot spot in the hotel is the Connaught Bar, which landed the number one spot on the World's Best Bars list for 2020. But now, the Connaught is also home to an art and wine enclave known as the Red Room.

Opened in 2021, the Red Room is named for its stunning collection of red artworks, all created by four female visionaries. Pieces include works by Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Ti-a Thuy Nguyen, and Trina McKillen, lovingly curated by hotelier Paddy McKillen.

The bar inside The Connaught The Red Room
Courtesy of The Connaught

Prominently displayed above the central marble fireplace is "I Am Rouge," a watercolor, gouache, and pencil piece by French American artist Louise Bourgeois. Across from this, guests can admire the oil painting "Scarlet Mist" by Vietnamese artist Ti-a Thuy Nguyen, who sold her painting to McKillen at the 2018 Red Auction in Miami, with all proceeds going toward fighting AIDS in Africa. On yet another wall sits California-based photographer Trina McKillen's work known as "Composition #8," an emotive work that taps into themes of spirituality and beauty. It's the only photographical piece among the collection. Lastly, guests can set their gaze on New York-based Jenny Holzer's "Benghazi" graphite and watercolor modification of previously censored U.S. government documents, which all come covered in a vibrant shade of red.

The wall decor inside The Connaught The Red Room
Courtesy of The Connaught

Oh yeah, and there are drinks, too.

The lounge areas inside The Connaught The Red Room
Courtesy of The Connaught

An impressive wine collection overseen by Daniel Manetti, director of wine, is featured on the menu alongside an extensive list of spirits. Bottles include a 2004 Petrus, a 2006 Chateau Palmer Grand Cru, a 2017 Montrachet Grand Cru, and many more selections that will thrill oenophiles. The bar will also have a capsule collection of eight cocktails, all created by Agostino Perrone, the hotel's director of mixology. According to the spokesperson, the cocktails are all inspired by the bar's wine selection and will change seasonally and as the wine list evolves. Light bites will also be on the menu, including charcuterie that perfectly complements the wine list.

See more about the bar, its sister restaurants, and book a room at the hotel, here.

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