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Credit: Photo by Thomas Koehler/Photothek via Getty Images

The fallout of a divorce can be excruciating. On top of the heartbreak that comes with a long-term relationship ending and the daunting task of starting a new life on one's own, there is the economic loss.

One Swedish hotel chain wants to offer at least a small pittance for couples who divorce within a year of staying at their hotels: They’re promising to refund the money for their stay.

Countryside Hotels operates 40 hotels across Sweden, and the brand's leaders said they hoped the offer would encourage couples struggling in their marriage to attempt to work on reconciliation.

“We have welcomed couples to our hotels and mansions around Sweden and seen how beneficial it can be to get away for a while and devote time to each other,” Countryside Hotels' marketing officer Anna Madsen told The Local.

If this alone time doesn’t work and the couple divorces within a year of their stay, Countryside will reimburse the cost of a two-night stay. Couples must reference the offer upon making their reservation and provide the hotel with court documents in the case of a divorce, the BBC reported.

“We have also desired to spread this information to more people and decided to take a radical approach and hope it will make more people understand how important it is to invest in your relationship in time,” Madsen said.

Other hotels in Europe have made similarly radical offers, with several hotels in Italy making a deal on the opposite end of the spectrum. At 10 hotels in Assisi, Italy, if a couple conceives a child during their stay, they get refunded for the cost of the stay.