Sweden’s Icehotel Debuts New Interactive Art Suites — and You Don’t Have to Travel to Experience Them

Icehotel 31 opens in Sweden with 12 interactive art suites.

ICEHOTEL Art Suite, A Journey Into Letterspace
Photo: Asaf Kliger/ICEHOTEL

You can now experience the coldest hotel on Earth in a whole new way.

Each year, as the waters of the Torne River freeze over, Icehotel in Sweden creates a new seasonal hotel concept. While there is a permanent part of the hotel that lets guests experience an icy stay all year round, the winter editions of this hotel are always extraordinarily stunning.

ICEHOTEL 365 Art Suite 'Vila vid denna källa'
Asaf Kliger/ICEHOTEL

And 2020 is no different. This year, Icehotel is debuting 12 interactive art suites for the winter, in addition to six art suites for the year-round section of the hotel, according to Designboom. A ceremony hall for small gatherings is also included in this year’s Icehotel.

“The pandemic forced us to think differently, but the result is a stunning homage to Sweden. The 31st edition of Icehotel will be a memorable one. The 35 artists created concepts that will mesmerize our guests, giving them a much-needed escape from the reality of this year,” said Luca Roncoroni, Icehotel’s creative director, on the hotel website.

The new suites are designed by different artists using original concepts. While each suite is a little bit different, all of them come equipped with in-room QR codes, so guests can hear an audio guide that tells them about the project.

The fascinating concepts include an icy sauna, a suite with a Maltese dog, a playful “toybox” room, and more.

ICEHOTEL 31 Art Suite, 'Paradice Lost'
Asaf Kliger/ICEHOTEL

The 12 art suites opened on Dec. 11 and the additional six suites will be available on Dec. 21. All suites will be available for guests through April. However, if you can’t travel to Sweden right now, you can still explore each suite’s concept on Instagram using the hotel’s specially made augmented reality (AR) experiences. Photos of all the suites and links for their specific AR experiences are available online. It’s worth noting that the AR feature can only be experienced on a mobile device.

For more information or to make a booking, visit the Icehotel website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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