By Melissa Locker
October 29, 2015
ice hotel year round
Credit: Ice Hotel

Sweden’s famed Ice Hotel may soon become a tourist destination—in the summertime.

In a feat defying the laws of nature, the hotel has decided to make the most of the country’s midnight sun and turn the icy inn into a destination for summer activities.

Located in Jukkasjärvi, the Ice Hotel is found about 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Each winter for the past 26 years, they’ve taken ice from the Torne River and transformed it into an ever-evolving hotel, bar, and art gallery that tops many travelers’ bucket lists. Visitors who did make it to the far north were treated to the full spread of winter activities like dog sled rides, snowmobiling, and waiting for the Northern Lights.

Now, the team behind the Ice Hotel is working to woo adventurers to their northern outpost during warmer months. The hotel just announced plans to create a new, sustainable, year-round experience, featuring 20 suites, a bar, and a gallery. The sleek addition will be open to visitors who want to maximize Swedish Lapland’s summer—100 days and nights when the sun never sets and a midnight hike is lit by daylight.

The building will be powered entirely by solar electricity, which there is plenty of in the summer months. Poetically speaking, that means the ice suites will be chilled by sunlight. In winter, the new area will form part of the classic Ice Hotel, adding over 12,000 square feet of space. The hotel hopes to have the new addition up and running by summer 2016, which gives you plenty of time to add it to your bucket list.