Standard International Has 3 New Hotels on the Way — and a Brand-new CEO

Next up: Thailand and Ibiza.

There are big things popping for Standard International. That includes a few new locations and brand-new CEO you need to know about.

In the fall, the company announced three new hotels slated to open at the end of 2021 and the start of 2022: The Standard Hua Hin, The Standard's first resort in Thailand; The Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon, the brand's highly anticipated Asia flagship, which is set to open in 2022; and The Standard, Ibiza, also slated to open in 2022.

Interior of suite at Standard Hotel Hua Hin, Thailand
Courtesy of Standard Hotels
Canopy villa luxury bath tub with gold disco ball and round window
Courtesy of Standard Hotels

According to a statement, The Standard Hua Hin is slated to open on Dec. 1 and will include 178 guest rooms and 21 pool villas with beachfront access. It's an ideal escape for those looking for a beachside getaway that still provides enough old-school charm to delight just about everyone.

As for The Standard, Bangkok Mahankhon, it's housed in the King Power Mahanakhon Building, a 78-story mixed-use building that is one of the tallest in Thailand. Centrally located and pulsing with city life, this hotel will come with 155 rooms, a penthouse, a terrace pool, fitness center, meeting rooms, nightlife venues, and plenty of dining options to delight all your senses.

And all this news is a true delight for Amber Asher, the newly named CEO of Standard International.

"[We're] bringing The Standard and our unique culture to all of our favorite cities in the world," Asher told Travel + Leisure. "Our mission is to bring these landmark projects to life with the same level of creativity, authentic hospitality, and sense of place that we are known for. We will go into these new cities with humility, curiosity, and a genuine appreciation for the local culture while offering the creativity, community, and fun that only The Standard can bring."

Though she's new as CEO, Asher is no stranger to The Standard brand. She started her run with the company in 2013 as its executive vice president and general counsel, and has been a major player in overseeing the operations of the 17 properties within the portfolio. She will be taking over from Amar Lalvani, who is moving into the role of executive chairman.

Standard Hotels CEO, Amber Asher
Richard Grassie

"I love building teams and finding our local brand ambassadors to join the Standard family and help bring our vision to life," Asher said. "In fact, last week, I was with our team in Ibiza and Lisbon, two upcoming destinations for The Standard, where we spent a significant amount of time meeting with potential new team members, experiencing the city as our future guests would, and refining our vision for our new properties under development."

Asher added: "This is such an exciting time for our team, especially coming out of one of the darkest times in the history of hospitality. We were able to sustain during the pandemic and to really focus on refining our current operations, team building, and growth."

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