These Santa Monica Hotels Will Deliver an Engagement Ring Via Drone to Help You Pop the Question

Upgrade the engagement by having the Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel light up with "Marry Me."

Shutters on the Beach and Hotel Casa del Mar, two of Santa Monica California's most iconic hotel properties, are hoping to make engagement season a little more epic for couples in 2020.

The two hotels are offering "The Sky's the Limit" engagement package throughout engagement season, which runs from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, when about 47% of engagements typically occur. (You know, that time when your Instagram feed becomes one engagement announcement after another.) And, when these properties say the sky is the limit they mean it.

The pool at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, California.
Courtesy of Casa Del Mar

The package, which begins at $9,900, includes some seriously over-the-top events. According to the two hotels, it all begins with a ring delivery via piloted drone directly to the couple in a predetermined location. The entire moment will be captured on film thanks to the hidden cameras and second drone flying nearby to get every second of the action.

Man proposes to woman on the beach with a drone
Courtesy of Casa Del Mar

Beyond the ring delivery, the package also includes a one-night stay in an ocean-view suite at either property, a bottle of champagne for the all-important engagement toast, a dinner for two at The Courtyard at 1 Pico, and a fully produced 5-10 minute engagement documentary (highlighting the couple's engagement story).

Pacific Park's Ferris wheel that glows with message reading "Marry Me"
Courtesy of Pacific Park

Couples can also choose to upgrade the experience with a private chef en-suite dinner, yacht cruise, a luxury convertible rental, and even the ability to put a message on the famed Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier that reads "Marry Me." Couples going into the engagement without a chosen ring can even upgrade to get a custom diamond from local sustainable jeweler Vrai. (Note: All these upgrades come at an additional cost on top of the hotel's base package.)

If your partner doesn't say yes after all that, we don't really know what would change their mind.

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