Get ready for cuteness overload.


A new media campaign launched this week from Sheraton Hotels casts the brand’s employees in a series of advertisements that will appear in magazines and online.

The campaign is called “Go Beyond,” a new company-wide motto that was unveiled to associates in January as part of Sheraton’s mission to go above and beyond guest expectations to deliver outstanding customer service. The ads show Sheraton associates serving guest needs by very unusual means: a luggage-toting porter riding a horse across a grassy field in full gallop, a cocktail server parachuting into a dessert, and an associate delivering fresh towels via speedboat across the open waters of a swelling sea.

“The campaign highlights our commitment to providing exceptional service to our guests, great culture for our associates, and return for our owners,” said Brian McGuinness, senior vice president and global brand leader at Marriott Hotels, Sheraton’s parent company. Sheraton, which has 450 hotels in 75 countries, is Marriott’s most global brand and is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.

The speedboat-riding associate is Mariana Burkle, a group sales coordinator at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego who has worked for the company in a variety of roles since 2011. The speedboat image was shot at an abandoned wharf in Long Beach, Calif., last October. Of the experience, Burkle told Travel + Leisure: “It was surreal. It’s a such a big responsibility to represent the brand.” Working at Sheraton, she says, has showed her “How rewarding it can be to be more welcoming to people. I feel like a very different person because of it.”

Credit: Courtesy of Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

In addition to the ads, the company also has a new commercial that begins with a Sheraton associate (played by an actor) diving deep into a body of water. Sweeping music underscores the voiceover narrator, who tells his story:

“He wasn’t the stuff of legends. He wasn’t a giant. He had no magic up his sleeve and he commanded no dragons. He didn’t have wings or a cape or fins.”

“He was but just a man … with the will to go beyond.”

But we don’t want to spoil the best part, so watch it above.