By Andrea Romano
November 02, 2017
Courtesy of Segera Retreat

You’ve probably had a hotel room with a view — but never one with a bird’s eye view.

At the Segera x Nay Palad Bird Nest Hotel, guests can experience what it’s like to sleep nestled in a cozy birds’ nest for the night.

Built totally above ground, this unique retreat is part of the Segera Retreat, a 60,000-acre wildlife sanctuary in the Laikipia plains in Kenya, Africa. The Nay Palad is two stories, constructed with interwoven natural tree branches and a viewing platform on top so guests can get 360-degree views of elephants and giraffes while they’re taking their morning coffee.

Courtesy of Segera Retreat

Inside the Nay Palad are all the modern amenities you’d want in a luxury hotel. The suite has one bathroom with solar-heated running water. Guests can either choose an indoor double bed on the lower floor or open-air accommodations on the second floor if they want to sleep under the stars. Both beds, of course, are dressed with deluxe linens and warmed with hot water bottles.

Courtesy of Segera Retreat

But the real draw of the Nay Palad is in the presentation. Before guests are taken to the hotel, they spend the day on a game drive, exploring the wilderness until sunset. As they arrive at the hotel, they’re greeted by cozy lanterns and a Champagne picnic dinner.

Courtesy of Segera Retreat

The Bird’s Nest was a collaboration between Segera and Nay Palad, working with architect Daniel Pouzet.

Booking at this idyllic retreat begins at $1,150 per night. More information on booking can be found on the Segera Retreat website.