Hotels, be warned: do not ever mess with people’s bacon.

By Amy McKeever
November 23, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

Scandinavian chain Comfort Hotels has already reversed a plan it announced late last week to ban bacon and sausage from its breakfast menu. The chain’s parent company Nordic Choice Hotels explained last week that the ban was among several changes the chain was making to promote health and sustainability. As one might expect, that did not go over well.

As a Comfort Hotels spokesman told Swedish newspaper The Local last week, the chain was banning bacon ban and sausage on a trial basis and “would decide whether to abandon [the ban] or extend it to other chains in the coming months.” But the people, of course, did not need months to decide what they want from their breakfasts: Bacon. Obviously bacon. They took to the group’s Facebook page to complain, while news reports out of Sweden indicated, “the change has not gone down well.”

So in a Facebook post today, Nordic Choice announced that Comfort Hotels would be bringing bacon back, mere days after the ban, writing, “You have spoken, and we listened.” In the post, the company explains that it always likes to try new things but “that does not mean that everything we do is a home run.”

That said, it seems that the less-controversial aspects of Comfort Hotels’ new emphasis on the sustainable will remain in place. As the BBC reported last week, Comfort Hotels will also reduce the amount of cereals and cheese on its menu, and stop serving products containing palm oil.

So, crisis averted. Go forth with your travel plans to one of the many Comfort Hotels outposts in Norway and Sweden without fear of bacon withdrawal.