As if Greek sunsets weren't pretty enough.

By Nina Ruggiero
June 13, 2017
Credit: Serge Detalle/Courtesy of Grace Hotels

Sunsets are beautiful no matter where you are. But there are sunsets, and then there are blow-your-mind, out-of-this-world, once-in-a-lifetime sunsets.

For the latter, you'll want to head to Santorini.

While the rest of the gorgeous Greek island's camera-clad visitors head to the southwestern tip of Oia as the sun goes down, you can catch the view from a pristine infinity pool, glowing as blue as the surrounding Aegean Sea, with a cocktail in hand.

Credit: Serge Detalle/Courtesy of Grace Hotels

The Grace Santorini, a luxury boutique hotel carved into a cliff and overlooking a volcano in the village of Imerovigli, boasts the island's largest infinity pool. Tucked between the busier towns of Fira and Oia, Imerovigli is home to many of the island's most luxurious hotels due to its peaceful, quiet atmosphere and stunning views of the iconic caldera.

Though it's relatively spacious, the pool is nothing if not exclusive – there are just 14 loungers – and the entire hotel experience, from poolside drinks to in-room bath products, is tailored to each guest's preferences. Your room's scent can even be customized.

Credit: Serge Detalle/Courtesy of Grace Hotels

And if you want an unforgettable sunset experience but don't feel like going for a swim, you can also soak in the view from Grace's champagne lounge, 363, where you can sip champagne on an all-white terrace, smoke a cigar, or nosh on Greek-inspired canapés as the crater-dotted horizon turns from blue to pink and gold.

Credit: Serge Detalle/Courtesy of Grace Hotels

Deluxe rooms, suites, and a private villa incorporate the island's volcanic rock into their design, and most come with their own private plunge pools (indoor and outdoor). The villa comes with a hammam, and some rooms have their own steam rooms.

Credit: Serge Detalle/Courtesy of Grace Hotels

As you can imagine, this spot will cost you a pretty penny – a room for two on a weekend in July goes for €900 to €1,700 (about US$1,000 to $1,900) a night – but book three months or more in advance and you'll get a 10 percent discount. (The bragging rights you'll return home with are included free of charge, though they may cost you some friends.)