Inside the World’s Deepest Underground Luxury Suite in a Swedish Silver Mine

sala silvermine suite
Photo: Courtesy of Sala Silvergruva AB

Looking to really get away from it all? Head to Sweden’s Sala Silvermine, located in Västmanland, where you’ll find the world’s deepest underground suite.

The suite, which takes guests roughly 508 feet underground, gives visitors the chance to enjoy a private retreat in a historic silver mine dating back hundreds of years, according to Andreas Vollmer, marketing director of the mine's owner Sala Silvergruba AB.

While the accommodations are obviously not bathed in sunlight, the suite—designed for two—is adorned with silver furnishings and plenty of candlelight to provide a romantic setting.

sala silvermine dining
Courtesy of Sala Silvergruva AB

Guests receive a basket filled with cheese, biscuits, fruits, sparkling wine, and chocolate—as well as an intercom that connects them to a local guide in case they need anything.

There is a small dining area with tables and chairs, where the guide brings breakfast in the morning, and a nearby lounge that functions as everything from a restaurant to a wedding venue.

Courtesy of Sala Silvergruva AB

Guests can take their own private tour of the mineand weave through underground lakes, winding galleries, and hallways where flashlights are the only source of illumination.

For more than 400 years, the mine was one of Sweden's most important silver producers, and was even referred to as “Sweden's Treasure Chamber” by King Gustav Vasa in the 1500s.

The mine reaches a depth of more than about 1,000 feet, and has large cavities revealing the groundwater that flows underneath. To visitors, they appear to be underground lakes.

sala silvermine breakfast area
Courtesy of Sala Silvergruva AB

Primary operations stopped at the mine in 1908. While there were some above ground tours previously, it wasn't until 2006 that the deeper level was opened.

Rates for the room start at about $530, or 4890 SEK, per night.

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