A stay in a luxury hotel is now in everybody’s price range — if only for a little bit.

Recharge is an app that allows users to rent out rooms at luxury hotels by the minute. It launched in San Francisco in 2015 and expanded to include 16 New York City hotels on Monday, Bloomberg reported.

The service could be good for a nap on the go, freshening up while out and about, or maybe even a quick cry session during a stressful day. Guests can use the app to search for rooms available immediately at nearby four and five-star hotels.

Newly added New York City properties include midtown luxury staples like The Quin and The Pierre, and also hip hotels like downtown’s Arlo Hudson Square.

Luxury Hotel Rooms
Credit: Courtesy of The Pierre

Rooms in New York City range from $0.83 to $2 per minute, plus a 14.75 percent lodging tax, according to Bloomberg. So a 20-minute shower could end up costing anywhere from $20 to $46, and a 90-minute stay could cost up to $207.

According to Recharge, the average stay is about two hours. Spend much longer and it might be cheaper to book overnight through the hotel directly — although the app has had guests stay as long as 25 hours. There is no minimum stay requirement.

Rooms are available from the instant the guests press book, including complimentary travel time (so guests don’t pay for the minutes it takes to reach the hotel). Guests check in at the front desk, receive their room key, and are free to stay in their rooms until they decide to leave. Check-out can be done either at the front desk or via the app.

Once guests check out on their phone, the hotel receives an alert that the room is ready to be cleaned. If housekeeping arrives to clean the room and finds that a Recharge guest has overstayed, they will be charged an additional fee.

According to an interview with TechCrunch from last year, Recharge has plans to expand into Los Angeles and London next.

The app is available on iPhone and Android.