This Hotel on a Charming Island in Florida Was Just Named the Quietest in the U.S.

Does your dream vacation involve plenty of peace and quiet? We've got just the spot for you.

Getting enough sleep on a vacation largely depends on how quiet your hotel is. And finding a tranquil property is not always easy, especially if you are visiting a large metropolitan area, such as New York City. Fortunately, a new study by, which analyzed Tripadvisor reviews to find the hotels with the most mentions of the word "quiet," will make your next getaway a lot more serene.

The winner in the U.S. is a micro-hotel called Parrot Nest on Florida's beautiful Sanibel Island. The small property, which only has six cottages, is nestled on the peaceful East End of the island amid lush greenery and swaying trees — and it's within walking distance of the scenic Lighthouse Beach Park.

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And since we mentioned the Big Apple, if you're heading to the city that never sleeps but would like to get some quality shut-eye there, book a room at The Larchmont Hotel, located on a quiet street off Fifth Avenue, near Union Square. Twenty-nine percent of the property's reviews on Tripadvisor mention the word "quiet." Another Manhattan hotel with a high score was The Kitano Hotel sitting at the corner of Park Avenue and 38th St. On its website, the luxe property states that every room features double-paned soundproof windows that "ensure restful nights."

And if peace and quiet are at the top of your list when visiting Las Vegas, another notoriously noisy city, consider staying at The Carriage House, located off Sin City's famous "Strip" between the MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood. Other quiet hotels around the country with top scores are Marriott's Sabal Palms in Orlando, Florida; Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa in Dallas, Texas; Hotel Drisco Pacific Heights in San Francisco, California; and Wilshire Crest Hotel in Los Angeles. also looked at major capital cities around the world and ranked the quietest hotels there. The winner in Europe is Relais Medicis in Paris, France. In Africa, it's the Ndemi Place in Nairobi, Kenya, and Kusuma Resort is the quietest property in Bali, Indonesia. The gold medal for the world's most tranquil hotel goes to The Little Garden Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which 42.28 percent of Tripadvisor reviewers described as quiet.

Check out the full survey here.

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