Proximity: America’s ‘Greenest’ Hotel
Credit: Courtesy of Proximity Hotel

With an intense focus on conservation and sustainability, the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina touts itself as the "greenest" hotel in America. And the title is well-earned. Not only was the Proximity the first hotel ever to be certified LEED Platinum, but the Proximity also engages in a variety of practices to save energy—using 39.2 percent less energy than a typical hotel.

These energy-saving measures can be found in all areas of the hotel. Let us count the ways:

1. There are 100 solar panels heat the water for the Proximity's 147 guest rooms.

2. That’s about 4,000 square feet of rooftop, and supposedly could heat water for 100 homes.

3. The new Regenerative Drive model of the Otis Gen2 elevator feeds energy back into the building's electrical grid.

4. The bar is made from salvaged walnut that “came down through sickness or storm.”

5. Roomservice trays are made out of bamboo plywood—or “Plyboo.”

6. In the kitchen,a series of sensors in the restaurant's speed hoods keep the kitchen's operational levels to 25 percent of capacity.

7. Geothermal energy is used for the restaurant’s refrigerators.

Best of all, hotel guests see tangible benefits of sustainability practices, too. Enormous windows open the lofty hotel spaces up to tons of light and bicycles are available for exploring the area. Which, naturally, is full of greenery.

Proximity: America’s ‘Greenest’ Hotel
Credit: Courtesy of Proximity Hotel