A Stay At This Gorgeous Clifftop Resort in Portugal Comes With Major Perks

Seaside dining and helicopter tours turn a vacation into an adventure.

Aerial view of Belmond Reid's Palace in Portugal
Photo: Courtesy of Five Star

No matter your taste in vacations, an unforgettable trip across the Atlantic should be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list. But if some European wanderlusting sans the crowds and tourist traps is what you’re dreaming of, a stay at Belmond Reid’s Palace in Funchal, Portugal could be the trip of a lifetime. And when you book a stay at the luxe clifftop resort through Five Star Alliance, the travel site will throw in a few extra perks to make your experience even more memorable, if you can believe that.

Located on the lush, Portuguese island of Madeira, Funchal feels remote — Northern Europe is nearly four hours away by plane. That means visitors can truly melt into the tranquility of being surrounded by nothing but ocean during their stay at Belmond Reid’s. With three pools, one of which connects directly to the sea, and an elegant spa facility, utter relaxation is as inevitable as perfect weather on the sub-tropical island. Looking to add a little action to your time in paradise? Not a problem — the resort offers access to activities like golf, watersports, and even helicopter tours.

Because the hotel urges guests to tailor their experience to their own personal paradise, the hotel welcomes family pets weighing up to 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds). The property also keeps childminders on staff and offers organized children’s programs so adults can take some time to soak up the resort’s pleasures, fuss-free.

And just to kick your vacation up a few more luxurious notches, Five Star Alliance is giving all guests who book at their 5 Star Signature Package rate free daily breakfast and a free lunch at one of the hotel’s five restaurants, the Pool Terrace.

Now, just picture it: ocean views for miles. Quiet tranquility. Daily meals, free of charge. Belmond Reid’s Palace in Funchal, Portugal is calling your name. All that’s left to do is book.

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