You'll never want to leave this suite.

By Andrea Romano
July 24, 2020
Credit: Pairi Daiza Resort

A unique and comfortable stay in Belgium is easy to find — as long as you don’t mind some very special neighbors.

Pairi Daiza Resort at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, has an incredible stay for animal-loving travelers. The resort has over 100 rooms with personal views into the zoo’s animal habitats, including a room that looks right into a walrus tank.

Credit: Pairi Daiza Resort
Credit: Pairi Daiza Resort

The Walrus House lets you enjoy all the typical perks of a comfortable hotel room with the added benefit of being able to get up-close-and-personal with the walruses at The Land of the Cold habitat at the zoo, Insider reported. These sea creatures can peek into your room through a glass wall that separates the tank and the room. It may not be super private, but at least you can make friends with some very interesting “roommates.”

In addition, Pairi Daiza Resort has over 100 rooms located within 10 different lodges with views of other animals in the zoo as well, including wolves, bears, sea lions, fallow deer, penguins, Siberian tigers, and polar bears. The type of animal you will be able to see varies based on which lodge you choose.

Anyone who stays at the resort gets access to the park (including all worlds within the resort) from the day of their arrival to the day of their departure, luggage handling, reserved parking, free W-Fi, complimentary breakfast and dinner for the whole family, free non-alcoholic drinks, a welcome tray with tea and coffee, a welcome gift, and even some in-room board games (on request).

Packages for an exclusive stay between the animals in half board start at €129 (about $150 USD) per person, per night.

The resort was originally planned to open in March, but officially opened its doors on June 8 due to the coronavirus pandemic. For more information, visit the Pairi Daiza Resort website.