By Andrea Romano
May 06, 2018
Getty Images

There are a lot of things people look for when choosing the perfect hotel room. There are rates, amenities, location, bed size — but what feature actually matters most when it comes time to book?

According to travelers on Quora, it’s all about the outlets.

Think about it: Travelers need to carry around so many electronic devices like cell phones, cameras, tablets, and laptops, as well as plug-hogging accessories like electric razors and curling irons.

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When Quora asked users which key factors come into play when picking a hotel room, many travelers replied that, while free Wi-Fi and comfortable beds are also important, electrical outlets, especially ones placed in convenient locations around the room, are essential.

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Along with conveniently placed power, one user, Antone Johnson, mentioned that outlets should be outfitted with a surge protector or something similar to avoid shorting out a guest’s device. Johnson also wants more universal plugs.

“Low-voltage DC power with universal adapters to charge Smartphones, iPads, headsets, etc. This is much easier than it used to be, with USB, mini- and micro-USB, and Apple iPod/iPhones (product)/iPad connectors probably covering 90% of the portable electronic devices out there these days,” Johnson wrote on Quora.

And if the room has A/V equipment that hooks into a guest’s device, such as, for streaming Netflix after a night on the town, all the better.

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