Hotel Room beds
Credit: Getty Images

There are a lot of things people look for when choosing the perfect hotel room. There are rates, amenities, location, bed size — but what feature actually matters most when it comes time to book?

According to travelers on Quora, it’s all about the outlets.

Think about it: Travelers need to carry around so many electronic devices like cell phones, cameras, tablets, and laptops, as well as plug-hogging accessories like electric razors and curling irons.

When Quora asked users which key factors come into play when picking a hotel room, many travelers replied that, while free Wi-Fi and comfortable beds are also important, electrical outlets, especially ones placed in convenient locations around the room, are essential.

Along with conveniently placed power, one user, Antone Johnson, mentioned that outlets should be outfitted with a surge protector or something similar to avoid shorting out a guest’s device. Johnson also wants more universal plugs.

“Low-voltage DC power with universal adapters to charge Smartphones, iPads, headsets, etc. This is much easier than it used to be, with USB, mini- and micro-USB, and Apple iPod/iPhones (product)/iPad connectors probably covering 90% of the portable electronic devices out there these days,” Johnson wrote on Quora.

And if the room has A/V equipment that hooks into a guest’s device, such as, for streaming Netflix after a night on the town, all the better.

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